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Nonviral Transfection 
of Genetic Materials to Any Cell

Core Capabilities


Our Team

As the global population ages and various factors, including climate change and the pandemic, impact healthcare, the demand for numerous treatments, including low-molecular compounds, antibody therapies, and gene and cell therapies, has increased. It has increased the cost of the process and manufacturing engineering as organizations invest in technologies that ensure these therapies' secure and cost-effective production.
At Femtobiomed, we have been working on research and development for the past ten years, intending to deliver non-viral genetic materials to target cells. In early 2022, we launched our first commercial product, the CellShot device and platform. This technology allows for one-day, on-site treatment through the delivery of non-viral genetic material. It aims to simplify and automate the current manufacturing process for cell therapies. CellShot has the potential to enable small-scale, customized manufacturing to meet the growing demand for cell and gene therapies and minimize the vein-to-vein time.
In addition to our focus on developing and improving technology for the pharmaceutical market, we are also committed to sharing our knowledge and experience with institutions and organizations to advance the field of cell therapy. Our team is fully dedicated to meeting the technological needs of the pharmaceutical industry and improving treatment options for patients in need. Our dedication will ultimately reflect in the suitable and acceptable treatment options we provide.

 Juhyun Choi, CEO

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His major is in Stem Cell and Immunology, enhancing Femtobiomed potential in cell therapeutics.

QUAD / Co-founder of Bridge Bio 

Prof. at CHA Medical School

Yuyu Pharma / SANOFI

LG / Korea Univ. Ph.D.


My background is in fusion of micro/nano-engineering with cell mechanics , and I have been striving to innovate nonviral cell engineering since I founded FEMTOBIOMED. In 2022, we launched the CellShot system, which allows transfection to cells in any culture media, eliminating the need for cell washing to exchange the EP buffer, significantly simplifying the overall transfection process, and making it easy to automate. The cost-effective yet superior performance of the CellShot platform contributes to the innovation of cell and gene therapeutics industry. 

Sanghyun Lee, Technical Officer

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- Ph.D. at U of M (ME, Mircofluidics, Prof. Edgar Mayhoffer)

- PostDoc. at U of M (BME, Quantitative Cell Mechanics, Prof. Alan J. Hunt)

- Research Prof. at POSTECH (ME, Nanoscale intracellular injection)


Junkwon Park

He creates the brain of CellShot system using extensive expertise in software, firmware, electronics and database.


- Ph.D. at POSTECH (ME)

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Whasub Choi

He has over 20 years of experience in finance and business management at corporations such as Samsung and Taekwang. He leads the investor relations and management at Femtobiomed.

- Samsung, Korea


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Jinook Lee
Head of BD

He identifies and secures strategic partnerships to drive the growth of the company with a background in mechanical engineering.

- Accenture UK

- MEng at Imperial College London

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CellShot Commercialization


  • Series C Fundraising (Ryukyung PSG, 4M USD)

  • CellShot® CE Marking

  • NET Certification (Real Time Direct Transfection technology for mRNA delivery into cells)

  • MOU signed with Seoul St.Mary’s Hospital for Joint Development of cell therapeutics using CellShot

  • Development of automated process device - CellShot® 

  • Assignment of  the Korean government’s research project (4M USD)


  • CellShot® mRNA CAR-NK Manufacturing

  • CellShot® mRNA eGFP-NK Manufacturing

  • CellShot® Patent registered in Japan

  • Series B Bridge Fundraising (QUAD / Hana Finance Investment, 6M)


CellShot Platform


  • CellShot patent registered in Europe


  • IPO on KONEX

  • Series B Fundraising (Widwininvest, Korean Investment Partners)


  • CellShot Patent registered in the US

  • CellShot Master System Device Release


  • Corporate name and headquarters changed to FEMTOBIOMED and Pangyo


  • Series A Fundraising – Korean Investment Partners and Hanhwa Investment (3M USD)

  • Company Valuation of 22M USD


FEMTOFAB and Research Foundation


  • Company Valuation of 10M USD 


  • Development of CellShot 3D protein injection chip

  • Patent application for CellShot cell chip


  • Establishment of corporate in-house research institute

  • CE Marking for SmartDrop® 


  • Release of SmartDrop® and Ft-nano station

  • Venture Company Registration


  • Establishment of FEMTOFAB and 300K Angel Investment 

Let’s Work Together

17 Pangyoro-228-beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do,

Republic of Korea.

Tel: 82.031.622.8501

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