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The 3 Pillars

3 Challenging Cells to Innovate Cell and Gene Therapy

To broaden the target diseases, we aim to broaden the target cells.
Femtobiomed will ‘Scale-Out’ the transfection technology, to deliver new medicine to patients quicker.

The 3 Pillars


Rare population

High expansion costs

Low viral transduction efficiency Compromised viability in transduction



Safety risks of viral transduction

Low LNP transfection efficiency

Poor engraftment



Rare population

High expansion cost

Low reprogramming efficiency

Poor engraftment

Opportunities in Cell and Gene Therapy

Overcome industry challenges in the conventional viral CAGT sector with our proposed solutions




자산 7_2x.png

High Price

CAR-T Therapy :

375,000 – 475,000 USD

Long Manufacturing

Manufacturing 3 weeks, Shipping

> 1 week

Failure Rate

22% - Out of specification issues

(Cell viability < 80%) 

14% - Manufacturing failure

(Inability to meet targeted dose)

Serious Side Effects

79% - Cytokine Release Syndrome
72% - Neuronal Toxicity

Unable to cure 
Solid Cancer

Absence of multiple target cell therapeutics
Difficulties of CAR-NK production

Reduced Price

CellShot enables nonviral delivery, reducing expensive raw materials

and manufacturing process costs 

< 1 Day Production

Manufactured within 10 mins per dose, within 1 Day including QC

High Cell Viability
& Production Yield

CellShot RTX reduces manufacturing failure rates and maximizes patient treatment potential by shortening production time

mRNA Transfection

Eliminating side effects through mRNA delivery and opening the possibilities of the multi-dosing cell therapeutics 


Solid cancer treatment through mRNA-based multi-target CAR-NK with improved efficacy and production yield

Femtobiomed's Solutions

Proof of Concept

PoC Domains

Targeting cells and materials that go beyond the limits of existing technologies.

Proof of Concepts
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