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Advanced nonviral cell therapeutics

with improved yield in cost-effective ways

Research and commercialization is the central task and expertise of partners. We continuously support your production along with regulatory compliances.

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Joint Developments

Sleeping Beauty Strategy

Reviving Antibody Therapeutics

Companies generate many patents, particularly CDRs while developing a single therapeutic antibody. However, not all of these patents are engaged in the final product. Identifying and utilizing these underutilized patents makes it possible to create new CAR-NK therapies targeting specific antigens.


Companies can use Cellshot to deliver therapeutic genetic material, including their patented CDR information, into NK cells and develop brand-new CAR-NK treatments.

Biopharmaceutical companies may be concerned that their therapeutic antibodies, when developed in combination with CAR-NK, could be cannibalized by the CAR-NK therapy in specific indications. However, this is not necessarily the case. Antibodies and CAR-NK cells have different mechanisms of action and different pharmacokinetics. Antibodies are typically administered systemically and are subject to clearance mechanisms.


In contrast, CAR-NK cells are derived from the patient's immune system and can migrate all around the tissues of the patients. CAR-NK cells can reach and act on tumor cells in different locations, whereas antibodies may be more limited in their range of activity. Therefore, two therapies can be used in further indications to complement each other and provide a broader range of treatment options.

We believe 'The Sleeping Beauty Strategy' provide new treatment options for patients and can open up new business opportunities for the company. Collaborating with us to identify and utilize these sleeping patents can be a mutually beneficial strategy for both companies, as it allows them to develop new therapies and create new revenue streams.

Sleeping Beauty Strategy
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