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A Bridge Between Scientific Advancement and Commercialisation

To be a catalyst in the emerging Cell and Gene Therapy industry by supporting the discovery and development.

To Pioneer Nonviral Cell Engineering 

Adopting the Partitioned Flow Transfection technology, we enhanced the conventional flow electroporator technology to deliver genetic material to any cells.

The 3 pillars

3 Challenging Cells to Innovate Cell and Gene Therapy

To broaden the target diseases, we aim to expand the target cells.

Femtobiomed will ‘Scale-Out’ the transfection technology to  deliver new medicine to patients quicker.


Partitioned Flow Electroporation

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Conventional electroporation can be labor-intensive, requiring cells to be washed and mixed with transfection materials before the procedure.

CellShot Partitioned Flow Electroporation (PFEP) offers a more streamlined and efficient alternative. With CellShot, cells can be transfected directly in their culture media without washing or mixing with additional materials. The CellShot System handles all aspects of the transfection process, making it a convenient and effective nonviral cell and gene therapy solution.

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